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Professor Bill Maples: Aneurysm Support Group

Update: 30 January 2004

Alan has been seen by one vas­cular surgeon and his opinion was that his aneurysm is inoperable. For us to get a second opinion our GP has to ask the NHS for permission and failing that, we have to find a lot of money for an operation. We simply can’t do it, even if we sell our house. In that respect, he is sentenced to death by the service that claims to look after us. Far better to get medical insur­ance, but he can’t get any now since he’s already had one aneurysm operation. We’re stuck; or, rather, he is.

We’re going through hell and time is running out fast for us. We seem to be pursuing options that have dead ends … and the worst thing is we know that there is someone who could save my husband. I’ve had plenty of emails from this site telling us of success stories. The tech­nology is there. The expertise is there. We just can’t access it. He is on ‘death row’ but without having committed any crime. We’ve used up our one and only chance of having him operated on because he was seen by someone who didn’t have the expertise or courage to try. And that’s his fate. It’s not right. And if he dies because no one tried to save him I will take this to the Government and make them answer all my questions. He’s only 53 and has got plenty of life left in him, except for this darn aneurysm.

God bless you all and God bless America … because it seems America is the place to be.

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