Entry in online diary: A huge thank you to Professor "God" Bonser

Update: 16 August 2004

It would seem that Alan may be coming home at the end of this week – he’s doing incredibly well considering the size of the operation, and is now being weaned off all the drugs.

Mr Bonser transplanted a new artery into Alan’s dead kidney and has even got that working again! He also fixed his aorta so that if he does get another aneurysm, in the gap between the old repair and the new repair, it can be fixed through keyhole surgery through the groin and he won’t have to be opened up again.

Alan hasn’t had any of the complications that were suggested (paralysis, kidney fail­ure etc.). He had some seizures, but no permanent damage has happened. He will be in better shape than he was four years ago after his first surgery!

I hope that if anyone else approaches you for help in the UK that you will recom­mend Mr Bonser without any hesitation – he is quite a remarkable surgeon and Alan owes his life to him. He is just as good as those in the USA – in fact, he’s the only surgeon in this country who can do this kind of re-do operation.

It is wonderful that I have my husband back in full health and we can get on with our lives.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to you all for helping us through this very traumatic experience. It has been a team effort that has succeeded.

Thank you everybody!