Entry in online diary: Turning Point

Update: 29 July 2004

Well, I’m totally flabbergasted!

Alan is starting to wake up and he’s moving his arms, legs and eyes. He knew I was there; he really tried his best to open his eyes. I told him England had won the cricket and he raised his eyebrows! He knew I was fibbing! I told him he wasn’t paralysed and that he was going to be OK, that he’d made it through the surgery, and he really seemed to know what I was saying to him.

His brain tests show that things are OK, although they won’t know for sure until he’s fully awake, but he’s definitely aware of what’s going on. He’s stopped having seizures. He can’t squeeze the doctor’s hand when asked yet, but he can open his eyes when asked. I am totally bewildered by the turnaround. He’s not paralysed and his kidneys are doing well. He’s also doing some breathing for himself. In fact, he seems to be coming round very well. I can’t believe it!

I was told a couple of days ago to prepare for the worst and now it seems he’s going to be OK! Surely he couldn’t have had a stroke after all; he wouldn’t have recovered this quickly, would he?

This has got to be a miracle!

He wasn’t inoperable after all!

Dare I believe he’s going to survive this? He will be fully awake in a day or two.

God bless you all for staying with us through this.